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Water FeaturesWater features are an excellent way to bring beauty to your home. Whether you’ve got them as front yard entry pieces, side yard accents, or backyard focal points, they’re truly a work of art and wonderful addition. At Desert Environments we specialize in designing and implementing incredible custom water features. Our features are custom built for our clients, and we can install pre-fabricated or uniquely created features that meet your needs.

Get the right water feature.

Water features are all about the art of natural movement. No matter what we install, the inherent beauty of the water flow always comes first. We want to provide you with a stunning example of nature in action that you’ll enjoy for as long as you own your home. Just some of the aspects we take into consideration include:

  • Pool proportions: We promote designing for your landscape. We’ll present you with multiple configurations and options that work with the flow of your property.
  • Spillway appearance: These control the flow of water and are an integral element in continual fountains and waterfalls.
  • Speed and volume: This has an effect on the amount of water necessary and helps to determine the sound.
  • Water sound: Depending on your desires we can tailor the sound your water feature makes to be a certain decibel level. We can also tune it for a softer sound or greater gurgle.
  • Dry look: You may not always want to run the feature, so we make sure our designs still look beautiful even when your water feature is dry.

Natural beauty right where you want it.

Our designers work with you for placement and build. We know how to seamlessly integrate your water feature into the existing landscape. This smooth transition from man-made to nature provides a truly stunning water feature that feels like it has always been a part of your environment.

Contact us to start designs on your water feature.

These are a gorgeous addition to any home. Let us help you acquire the gorgeous, natural looking water features you’ve always wanted. Call or contact us today!

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