Custom Barbecues

Custom Barbecues for Arizona Homes

Outdoor cooking areas are great backyard focal points, offering a place to gather, socialize, and share meals. But many homeowners settle for mediocre barbecues that don’t spark a conversation or enhance the environment.

At Desert Environments, we create custom barbecues for Arizona residents. Homeowners can get exactly what they want, turning a boring barbecue into an incredible show piece with built in countertops and storage space that match the home’s existing tones and architecture.

Design your outdoor grilling space

  • Hi-grade stainless steel construction. Our barbecues are made of the strongest materials. Stainless steel is resistant to rust and incredibly durable even under harsh daily sunlight.
  • The right foundation. Steel BBQ units are backed by solid masonry blocks and mounted on a cement foundation. This provides stability and longevity.
  • A variety of styles. We can customize your barbecue using tile, stucco, or stone to achieve just the right look.

Outdoor Kitchen Amenity Options Include:

  • Side Burners
  • Stainless Steel Access Doors
  • Refrigerators

  • Warming Trays
  • Bars
  • Customized Lighting

Enjoy local barbecue installation

With over 25 years of experience locally landscaping, we know how to work with your property. We’ll help shape your ideas so that your new barbecue system looks great, offers functionality, and matches your existing hardscape.

We can also provide landscaping services that further accentuate the area, creating the perfect mood and environment. All of our work is warrantied and we’re dedicated to delivering on our promises. When you choose Desert Environments you’re getting a local company that backs their craftsmanship.

Contact us for great outdoor grilling options!

It’s always a great time to barbecue, so don’t let your store-bought barbecue limit your options. Call us today to start enjoying your new backyard barbecue.

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