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Make the Ultimate Barbecue Space

Posted on by Desert-admin
Landscaper in Scottsdale AZ from Desert Environments

Set yourself up for entertaining with a barbecue area Do you want to set your home up as the place […]

De-stress with Landscaping

Posted on by Desert-admin

Studies show that being around nature relieves stress, but not everyone has the time or opportunity to get away. Landscaping […]

Tips for Outdoor Parties

Posted on by Desert-admin

Outdoor Parties Outdoor parties come alive in your backyard with the fresh air and freedom of space along with the […]

The Appeal of an Outdoor Kitchen

Posted on by Desert-admin

Outdoor Kitchens have an incredible appeal in Arizona. And why not, with our incredible year-round sun and warm weather? The […]

4 Water-wise Landscaping Tips

Posted on by Desert-admin

Arizona’s temperatures and infrequent rainfall are well-known. In fact, many people flock to this state to live in an environment […]

Creating an Oasis with Native Plants

Posted on by Desert-admin

Perhaps you have just purchased a new home that needs landscape design in the Paradise Valley AZ area. If you […]

Hot Tubs: A Great Way to Reduce Stress

Posted on by Desert-admin

What goes better next to your outdoor kitchen than a relaxing hot tub or Jacuzzi? When it comes to luxury outdoor […]

The Benefits of an Outdoor Fireplace

Posted on by Desert-admin

Outdoor Fireplaces An outdoor fireplace has an almost primal feel to it. Whether you have a fire pit, a stone circle, […]

Top Questions to Ask your Landscape Contractor

Posted on by Desert-admin

There are plenty of landscape contractors in Scottsdale and the surrounding cities. How do you know which one sits above […]

Tips for Holiday Lighting

Posted on by Desert-admin

The holidays are nearing and there is a lot to get done. Many people add holiday decor to that list. […]



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