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Creating an Oasis with Native Plants

Perhaps you have just purchased a new home that needs landscape design in the Paradise Valley AZ area. If you have never lived in a desert environment before, you may be surprised at your options for incorporating greenery into your surroundings. You can create a soothing green oasis with sparks of color by using native plants in your landscape.

According to the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association (AMWUA), landscape plants used in the Sonoran Desert should be drought hardy, low-water-use plants. Plants native to the area are adapted to the soil conditions and are tolerant of the widely variable temperatures in the area.

Low Maintenance Landscape with Native Plants

The guide published by AMWUA lists over 200 local landscaping plants that work well in the Arizona Desert. Here are a few ideas to consider for your landscape design:

  • Trees such as the many varieties of acacia work well in the desert
  • Shrubs like the Wooly Butterfly Bush or Flame Honeysuckle provide color
  • Groundcover choices to break up the desert expanse include Trailing Desert Broom or, for color, the Red Spike Ice Plant
  • Vines for vertical coverage include choices such as Queen’s Wreath or the strikingly colorful Bougainvillea
  • Cactus varieties abound and can range in height from several inches to over 20 feet (Saguaro)
  • Succulents can add sculptural detail – they include the Lechuguilla Verde and many other varieties of agave
  • Grasses can be used to soften the landscape and include varieties such as Pink Muhley, Bamboo Muhley and Deer Grass

Add Color with Desert Flowers

In addition to these suggestions, flowers are also an option. Low-water perennials such as Desert Marigolds or Chocolate Flowers can add color and beauty to your environment. Annuals such as the Mexican Poppy will bring butterflies to your yard, while Cherry Sage will attract hummingbirds.

Another idea for creating your oasis is to incorporate water elements into the landscape design. Whether you decide on a pool or a fountain, combining native plants with water can help you achieve the look you desire. Contact a professional landscaper for help with your landscape design in Paradise Valley AZ.

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Creating an Oasis with Native Plants

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