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The Benefits of an Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Fireplaces

An outdoor fireplace has an almost primal feel to it. Whether you have a fire pit, a stone circle, or something a bit more chic, there are many benefits to an outdoor fireplace in Scottsdale.

  • Entertainment Value – Nothing gathers people together like an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. In the cool hours of the evening, having a cool beverage or glass of wine while chatting around the warmth of the fire brings people together. Adding an outdoor fireplace easily makes you the new favorite hot spot for friends and family to get together.
  • Visually Stunning – An outdoor fireplace makes a wonderful focal point for your landscaping. Even when not in use, fireplaces have endless options for style. The right low lighting around the yard can enhance the space and give it the perfect mood once the sun goes down. Going a step further, the combination of a fire feature and a water feature has a memorizing appeal!
  • Functionality – The right fireplace not only warms you as you enjoy friends and a beverage on a cool evening, it can also be used for grilling. And, of course, there is the S’mores value it brings.
  • Ambiance – Fire pits and fireplaces create an instant mood. They have a calming effect that draws people in. Whether relaxing in a meditative mood on your own, cozying up for a romantic evening, or bringing family or friends together for a little quality time, an outdoor fireplace creates the ambiance you’re looking for.

A custom outdoor fireplace is the perfect way to heat up the design in your landscaping. You will find yourself drawn towards spending more time outdoors. Combine that with the clear, starry nights in Scottsdale, and what more could you ask for?

To find the right outdoor fireplace or fire pit for your Scottsdale yard, contact Desert Environments. We love talking to people about their vision and then making it happen!

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The Benefits of an Outdoor Fireplace

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