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Landscape Service Phoenix

Professional Landscaping Done Right

Landscape Service Phoenix Az

The warm temperatures of Phoenix can be hard on plants and can take an enormous amount of water to maintain. With Desert Environments‘ landscaping service, we help you make educated plant and hardscape choices and create landscape designs focused on the ability to thrive in a desert climate. Partner with us for landscaping that seamlessly blends in with the surrounding neighborhood and natural setting. We are a team of horticulture and landscape professionals who know how to create lush gardens and low-maintenance yards.

With more than 25 years of service in the Phoenix area, our local owner-operator, Mike Kiesler, oversees all aspects of landscape installations. He works closely with the property owners to plan a custom design that fits their vision and functionality. Once a plan is created, Mike manages the construction process from beginning to end.

Why You Should Choose Our Landscaping Services 

All of our services are warranty guaranteed, and customer satisfaction is built into every project we take on. We work closely with our customers, keeping an open, consistent line of communication throughout planning and installation. Your project manager asks the right questions upfront, so the result is exactly what you were expecting or better.

Using high-quality soil supplements, region-appropriate plant species, ground cover, and other drought-tolerant plants, we deliver on our promise to make your private landscape into one that beckons and inspires.

Our Services Include:

  • Desert Landscape Design
  • Landscape Maintenance and Weed Control
  • Desert and Tropical Plant Selection
  • Installing Low-Maintenance Irrigation Systems

  • Water Features and Fountains
  • Rock and Hardscape Design
  • Custom Outdoor Kitchens, Fireplaces, and Barbecues
  • Installation of Low-Voltage Lighting Systems

Enhancing Homes One Landscape at a Time

Gaining insight from professional landscapers is vital to planning a great outdoor area. During our consultations, we help our clients determine how they will use their outdoor space. This is a great way to open up the creative process, think about practical ideas, and match your budget with your vision. 


Landscape Service Near Me Phoenix AZ

Our designs maximize space for bathing, sitting, and relaxing with family and friends. Some opt to install televisions, surround sound systems, and other indoor luxuries and comforts that can be enjoyed outdoors.

Nature Watching
Whether it is the installation of an automatic watering system for your favorite native plant species or desert-focused xeriscaping, we make it beautiful. Working with the natural flows of the environment helps to integrate disparate areas, such as those for gardening and those for simply sitting and observing.


If you love hosting parties and gatherings, having a central space for your friends and family to gravitate towards naturally is extremely vital to a functional get-together. Installing features like a fire pit, an outdoor bar and kitchen, or a mesmerizing fountain are great focal points of any backyard.

We Are Your “Landscape Services Near Me”

We want you to love returning to your outdoor space day after day. Whether you install an outdoor kitchen, a relaxing meditation space with a water feature, or increase your yard’s beauty and aesthetic appeal, we deliver custom landscape that you will enjoy for years to come. Let our experienced contractors at Desert Environments turn your property into a desert oasis; give us a call today for a free consultation!